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Content is Queen!

In January 1996, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, wrote the essay Content is King. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2015 for a record amount. But… What is the driving force of LinkedIn? That’s her content! We are heralding a new era with the Content is Queen course. It’s a new era for women in content. Content is Queen is an exclusive and inspiring course from the Wemessage Academy in collaboration with

What is the goal?

The aim of the training is to make women in top positions more visible online by implementing a good content strategy (thought leadership ) . It’s about online visibility on the largest business platform in the world: LinkedIn. Online Leadership is central during the training. You build online leadership with a strong (online) Personal Brand. In addition, it is about being actively present in your network, where your Personal Brand is central. This requires a well thought-out content strategy. But how do you realize this? You learn all that during the Content is Queen program.

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What can you expect?

The Content is Queen program is exclusively for top women. These are women with relevant work experience in the business world or (semi) public organization with a board, management or executive role. During the training you will increase your knowledge about Online Leadership on LinkedIn. You also learn to actively use LinkedIn to generate more business. The program consists of an inspiration event and 3 courses. These are spread over a period of 8 weeks. After each course you will receive practical assignments to get started. After going through the full program you will know:

  • How to create your online Personal Brand
  • How you can develop a content strategy and use it optimally
  • How to increase your online visibility with these tools

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