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Online presence through content on LinkedIn is a must!


What does the Content Service entail?

The LinkedIn Content Service is for anyone who wants to be visible online or wants to get more business out of LinkedIn and who wants to receive support in this. To give an overview of ​​the possibilities, we offer three programs. Individual agreements are made within the boundaries of these programs, so that you can still receive tailor-made service. We think along with you, advise you in every area and can create content for you.

LinkedIn Content Service

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How do we work?

We act as a remote employee. In order to make the collaboration efficient, we work on the basis of 5 steps. The first step is the introduction. Then we determine which program suits you best. You will then receive a proposal with a concrete interpretation of the Content Service. We provide insight into which fixed and optional services are appropriate. The fixed service consists of, for example, a fixed number of posts and contact moments. A variable service is, for example, one-off support in shooting suitable footage. Then we are ready for take off! After a month, we evaluate how the collaboration is progressing.

Step 1


Step 2

Type of collaboration

Step 3

Tailor-made service

Step 4

Take off

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