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The strength of your network is in quality!

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The Circle of Ten

You are probably familiar with the 80/20 rule, but are you already aware of the 10/90 rule? You will learn all about this rule during the 10/90 training. After all, it is not about having the largest possible network, but about a valuable network. Basically you only need 10 people for a valuable network. Those people form your circle of 10. That circle is responsible for 90% of your (business) success. The core of the 10/90 rule is: the quality of your life is the quality of your network. The starting point of the program is to compose and make the best possible use of your circle of 10.

What can you expect?

The course is for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of 10/90 networks. And for anyone who wants to consciously and actively use the circle of 10 to achieve personal or business goals. In the course, you will deal with different questions: How do you determine your circle of 10? How do you use your time wisely? And how do you get the maximum return from your circle of 10? The program consists of two courses and is unique and inspiring. After each course you will receive practical assignments to get started. After following the full program you will know:

  • How to determine your circle of 10
  • How you can use your time wisely for your circle of 10
  • How you can optimize the quality of your circle of 10
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2 hours per course

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