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Creative Storytelling

Where do you start with writing a LinkedIn post? Many people wonder that. Unfortunately, not all of us were born with a smooth pen. In recent years, Storytelling has become increasingly popular. First with copywriters, but now more and more with other professionals. A good post starts with searching for a story. Storytelling is based on the principle that you tell a story with characters in which the reader can move. You tell it in a subtle way and where you respond to the desires and needs of the reader. You try not to name the underlying message (“Buy this!”). Storytelling provides recognition and, therefore, it is very powerful. How do you find a story? How do you create unique content for LinkedIn and which stories can / cannot be shared? You will learn all that during our Creative Storytelling course.

What can you expect?

The course is for professionals who want to be consistently visible through content on LinkedIn. The Creative Storytelling program consists of two courses. First, we make a personal 0-measurement to ensure that the program matches your level. The course is clear and refreshing. You will learn how to write a well-structured LinkedIn post and discover useful techniques to boost your creativity. After each course you put the knowledge into practice. After the course you will master all the basic techniques for writing a creative post. By following the full program you will learn:

  • How to be consistently visible
  • How you can boost your creativity yourself
  • How to get inspired
  • How to build up a good post
  • How to create creative content
  • How you connect content to your Personal Brand
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Price per person
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2 hours per course

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