Whether it concerns profile optimization or content creation, our specialists can do it all.

What are our services?

In addition to the courses, we offer various services, including the LinkedIn Content Service and the LinkedIn team and profile scan. The LinkedIn Content Service consists of three programs. This varies from providing complete content to supporting and advising in this area. The LinkedIn team and profile scan provides insight into which parts of your profile can be improved.

Our services

Content Service

The LinkedIn Content Service is for anyone who wants to get more business and online visibility from LinkedIn and who wants to be guided and supported in this.

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Team scan

With the team scan you find out what your team rates on LinkedIn. By analyzing your profile, we make an overview of aspects that can be upgraded.

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Profile scan

Is your LinkedIn profile distinctive enough? With the profile scan you can discover whether your profile matches your Personal Brand. We provide insight into whether the profile components have been completed efficiently.

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