Time to stand out!


11 December 2020

Remarkably distinguished!

How unique is your LinkedIn profile? Be honest: are you making the most of LinkedIn? Chances are that your profile will disappear into the crowd. Social media platforms are increasingly being used to find information about products, services and people. LinkedIn is a standard tool of the background check for recruiters, but the platform is more than an online CV. It is an efficient way to network or to keep up with developments in your field. In short: LinkedIn’s business added value is undeniable. If you present yourself in a suitable way here, it can only bring you benefits. However?
Time to stand out!

It’s busy on the platform! Not only the use of LinkedIn is increasing, but as well the number of visitors. The platform will have no less than 660 million users in 2020. The Netherlands is the leader in using LinkedIn. As many as 8.5 million Dutch people are members of the platform. Excelling in this large crowd is not that simple … As the numbers show, you are literally one in a million. Fortunately, there is hope! You stand out on LinkedIn by seeing yourself as a brand. We also call this Personal Branding. By connecting associations to yourself, you distinguish yourself from others. A number of people with a strong Personal Brand on LinkedIn are Hans Kazàn , Kelly Weekers and Pieter Zwart. All three are unique, distinctive and striking. Hans’s posts, for example, have an average engagement rate of 10 percent!

Step 1: Be yourself

But how do you get there? Yes, that’s the next question. The first step is to determine the basis. Know what makes you unique and what you want to radiate to others. For this you can answer the following questions:

  • What do I think is important?
  • What are my (core) values?
  • What makes me unique?

What you want to present to others must correspond with reality. Do you use a profile photo from your thirtieth birthday and are you a few years older? Then we recommend that you use an up-to-date profile photo. Be the same person online as offline. Also ensure unity. Communicate a clear message and do the same in every area. Always be authentic and stay close to yourself. For example, personal stories play an incredibly large part in Hans Kazàn’s content strategy.

Step 2: clear and targeted

To get anywhere, you first have to determine where you want to go. That is step 2: why do you use LinkedIn? Once you have set the goal, make it more concrete by formulating it SMART . SMART means: specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound. Do you want to spend more time on LinkedIn? Record the goal and use a reminder. For example, a note in the bathroom mirror or near your screen. Don’t forget! Then you determine the target group: who do you want to reach? Work out a short description of them. Remember: what you give, you get back. The starting point is to be relevant to your network. Kelly Weekers does this by sharing experiences and valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. Do not lose sight of your goal, remember what you have come to achieve yourself!

Step 3: let’s go!

Step 3 is all about interaction. Actively network and connect with the right people. You do this by establishing and maintaining contact with people who can help you further in your work, career and private life. They sometimes say: a valuable network consists of contacts that you can convert into contracts. When you meet interesting people, take a proactive stance and then connect. Send a connection request and start the conversation. Also, add existing customers to your network. That way you stay on top of mind with the people you don’t see every day. Remember: consistency is the key to success. The moral of the story: meet, connect and expand.

Step 4: be visible

Step 4 is to be visible! You become visible by networking and sharing content. Share articles, stories or whatever is relevant to your Personal Brand itself. Be creative! Many people see many barriers to actively sharing content and using LinkedIn. It is assumed that everything must always be business-like. It is not! Your Personal Brand is the starting point. You can share content about what you are experiencing, as long as it is valuable to your network. Posts do not necessarily have to be about your products or services.

What are the odds?

It sounds cliché, but not trying is always wrong. Do you want your Personal Brand to be a success? Make (new) contacts, engage in conversation and share content! Provide regularity, discipline and action. It is important to make everything concrete and you do that by setting clear goals. Preferably, invest time in LinkedIn every day. Active posting may be too far-fetched, but start with small steps. For example, in the beginning it is sufficient to like and respond to other posts for half an hour every day. Try a few things and measure the result. Don’t forget that you are constantly evolving, including your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t try, you won’t know what opportunities you are missing. Get started and remember: hard work pays off.

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